Erica3.jpgPlease, allow me to re-introduce myself . . .

Or not. Ignore that lede. I’m such a dork.

So, a little about me: I’m an uneven mix of silly, snarky and serious.

I use music references way too much and I tend to talk more online than I ever do in person (I’m so super shy!).

My face is generally set in a blank expression of nonchalance and IDFWU vibes, but I’m much sillier than I look.

I tend to be quiet, especially around new people, but have a tendency to amuse myself into vocal chuckles. It’s a problem.

I’m not really good with people, but am super nice. I fake my social tenacity (super shy, remember?!), but love the energy of populated areas.

I like to think I’m kinder than the average human. There’s not much that moves me. If I don’t deal with you, I just don’t deal with you, you know? No love lost. Smile, nod and keep it moving. I live by it.

I love autumn weather, vintage photography, handwritten notes, crossword puzzles and live music. It’s like a recipe for happiness. Random, but it needed to be said.

By day, I grind in Corporate America. By night, I think about what I missed during the grind in Corporate America. It’s a never-ending cycle of grinding for Corporate America.

My faith is important to me. My belief in God is important to me. My spiritual walk is important to me. God’s been good to me and there’s no other way to understand who I am without recognizing who he is to me — and he’s everything to me.

I’m also into words. Lots of words. Lots and lots and lots of words. You’ll see. 😉