Lockdown: Corporate Edition

I was stuck in a conference room for two hours this morning.

Stuck without a phone; without a laptop; without a pen to twirl around my fingers.

It was an admirable test of patience, tolerance and commodarity.

I passed. Obviously.

Apparently, there was a threat at my corporate location that had the entire building on lockdown — complete with jittery nerves and awkward silence.

You’d think I’d be more concerned about the potential threat that may or may not be looming the grounds, but my attention was entirely on the multitude of bodies crowding my space.

That focus probably speaks to some random, questionable underlying issue in my personality that should be addressed, but I’d rather not delve into that, thank you very much. Moving on.

Ever been trapped inside a room with 30+ strangers with no clue as to when it’s safe to leave? Yeah, you’re not missing anything.

It goes exactly how you think it would: some are freaked out; some are happy to not have to work for a couple hours; some are a nonstop manifestation of chatter and noise; and some are sharing your WTH silent vibes and staring at everyone with the blankest face imaginable.

However, I survived with my sanity and entire person in tact. Gloria Gaynor would be proud.

Cheers to neutralized threats and tests of patience.

P.S.: Everyone else was okay, too!



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