Starbucks, Caffeine Addictions and Deferred Resolutions

img_0899.jpgI’ve been trying to kick my love affair with caffeine for at least the last two years, off and on.

I’ve failed. Miserably. Every single time.

My coffee isn’t the quasi-healthy straight black variation. No, that would be too close to right.

My coffee is laced with dairy, sugar and an abundance of carbs. It’s pretty much a hot milkshake.

I’m almost certain the 400-500 (possibly 600, don’t judge me) calorie consumption in one sitting nullified my super duper effective home variety HIIT workout.

It doesn’t help that I work RIGHT NEXT to a Starbucks. I mean, really, right next to it. 100 feet from my desk is an ever present pick-me-up.

Screw you, coffee. Screw you. You’re the reason I can’t get right.

But on the bright side: I’m thinking this particular coffee break doesn’t count because Starbucks, once again, spelled my name incorrectly.

Completely legit reasoning.

Who is “Erika”?

I win.

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